The International Flute Convention

The International Flute Convention is organized by the French association of the flute: La Traversière. Organized periodically, this event gathers the greatest flutists, and allows all lovers of the flute to share special moments during four days of celebration embellished concerts, master-classes, conferences, workshops, exhibitions and many other activities...

The International Flute Convention is a unique event to share our passion for this instrument.

About La Traversière

The French Flute Association "La Traversière" was founded in 1983 by a team of enthusiastic flutists and it is thanks to the will of a small group of volunteers that it has been able to develop and constitute today the means of expression and privileged communication of flutists.

La Traversière aims to develop missions of innovation, information, and creation by:

  • the official publication of the Association: the magazines "Traversières Magazine" and "Piccolo Mag"
  • the organization of events or partnerships every year to highlight musicians and pedagogues, educational innovations, changes in the profession of musician for future generations, trades related to the flute etc...
  • the multiplication of contacts in the world, especially with all flutist associations in order to develop fruitful exchanges of ideas and actions, mainly in the context of the organization of European events.
  • the development of its networks on the Web, by the regular update of our websites but also by a very strong activity around the flute by Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Flickr
  • the production of CDs, DVDs, sheet music and books related to the flute...

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